In this day and age, many people attend college outside of the traditional four (4) year university track. A popular trend is enrolling in two (2) year specialty programs to earn various degrees in medical assistant, ultrasound technician, cosmetology, paralegal, etc. Sadly, these small schools do not undergo the same scrutiny as the accredited large universities. As such, they run rampant taking advantage of students accepting school loans and grants, but not providing the accreditation promised and/or the guaranteed job placement rates.

At Friedland & Associates, our Fort Lauderdale school litigation lawyers have litigated this matter for countless students. These students incurred tens of thousands of dollars in student loans with no degree and/or job to show for it. If you have been promised something by your school, which proved to be a misrepresentation, contact an experienced lawyer immediately. At Friedland & Associates, our lawyers will fight for reimbursement of school loans and costs incurred as a result of a school’s falsifications.