In order to effectively reach the community in South Florida, an lawyer must be experienced in a variety of legal areas. In our multi-cultural immigrant dominant society, one of the greatest legal areas in need is Immigration Law. At Friedland & Associates, our lawyers focus on helping those seek legal status based on a number of petitions. This includes, but is not limited to: family, fiancé and employment based visas. Additionally, our Fort Lauderdale immigration lawyers have fought to protect those who have already received green cards in defense of deportation and asylums.

Immigration Law

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If you seek to obtain a permanent green card, citizenship and/or defense of state, federal and/or immigration criminal charges, seek an experienced lawyer immediately. Your freedom and livelihood depend on it. At Friedland & Associates, there are lawyers waiting to help you fight for your right to live and stay legally in this country, for which our firm and staff are proud to call home.