The state of Florida takes sex-related criminal offenses very seriously. State prosecutors are notorious for aggressively pursuing alleged sex offenders and predators, and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. Florida has some harsh punishments for those who are convicted of a sex crime, and those who are convicted of a sex-related offense face a lifetime of challenges due to the nature of their criminal conviction. Florida law does not treat sex offenders kindly by any means. Contact our sex crimes lawyer today.

The Serious Nature of Sex Offense Convictions

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Being accused of a sex offense in Florida can be a particularly daunting situation to be in. As an initial matter, criminal defendants accused of a sex-related crime often face prejudice and discrimination from law enforcement and the public. Additionally, the consequences of a sexual offense criminal conviction are severe and long-lasting. A sexual offense criminal conviction can leave you with a lengthy prison sentence, a criminal record, and an adversely impacted reputation. A conviction can also cause you to lose your job or miss out on future job opportunities and will require you to be registered as a sex offender on the Florida Sex Offender and Predator Registry, where your name will be searchable online. You will be required to submit to DNA testing, and your DNA data will be logged into a database and used by police to try and solve old, open sex crime cases. Needless to say, the effect of a sex-related offense conviction can tarnish your reputation and significantly impact your life.

Accusations that you committed a sex crime can be embarrassing or even devastating. People will look at you differently, they will judge you, and they may even call you names or try and hurt you. Word spreads quickly about allegations of sex offenses, and you might even be exposed to media attention concerning your case. Criminal cases involving a sex offense are tough, and your legal defense strategy is going to require zealous and aggressive representation from an experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy Fort Lauderdale sex offenses criminal defense lawyer.

Some examples of common sex offense allegations include:

  • Indecent exposure
  • Lewd and lascivious conduct
  • Sexual assault or battery
  • Statutory rape
  • Sex offenses involving children
  • Sex offenses involving the use of the internet

Serious Criminal Charges Call for Aggressive Legal Representation

Defending against allegations of a sex offense is nothing like defending against other criminal charges because so much is riding on the outcome and there are unique challenges that arise in these cases. If you are convicted of a sex crime, your life will be turned completely upside down. If you have been charged or stand accused of a sex crime in Fort Lauderdale Florida, you need to speak with an experienced sex offenses criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will pursue your defense diligently, and will seek to obtain a favorable outcome for you in light of your particular circumstances. Please feel free to contact one of our experienced sex offenses criminal defense lawyers by calling 877-393-0526 today.