In this trying economic times many people find themselves in a financial position they never considered possible. They may have been laid off, been injured in an accident or both. The bills pile up and the money runs out. Surprisingly, a previously inconceivable option emerges: bankruptcy. Contact our experienced Fort Lauderdale bankruptcy lawyers today.

In these trying economic times, many people find themselves in difficult and tenuous financial positions. Whether your family suffers as a result of a mandatory lay off, an injury, a family medical emergency, or are burdened by creditor’s continuous and harassing telephone calls. As your bills pile up and your money runs low you are forced to seek the only available legal recourse: bankruptcy. At Friedland & Associates our bankruptcy lawyer will advise you regarding all of the nuances involved in declaring bankruptcy.

We know the choice to consider bankruptcy only occurs after many agonizing hours and attempts to avoid this necessity. We will advise you as to your best course of action and navigate the turbulent waters of a bankruptcy filing, providing you and your family with sound legal advice. It is our goal to make the painful process of declaring bankruptcy as simplistic and understandable as possible.

There are various bankruptcy remedies available, including Chapter 13 and Chapter 7, which will be explained in detail so that you can choose the best option for you and your family. At Friedland & Associates, we are well-versed in the areas of bankruptcy and debt collection defense which will help you emerge from the unbearable load of suffocating debts.

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By retaining our firm, we will advise you to the viability of your options and how it can affect other aspects of your life, including saving your home. Please call for your complimentary legal consultation, or complete the form to the right, so that we may provide you with some of the best available options for your situation.